Getting back up on the horse

Somehow time has moved from March to October and this blog hasn’t been updated. Oddly, the readership has started to pick up in recent days – which is nice – so I figured I’d try to start writing regularly again. I also need to get into a writing place so I can finally knock off the last bit of the dissertation and move on with my life. I don’t really have any specific topics in mind at the moment so perhaps I’ll take a few small bites at a time. If you are interested in what I’m reading that’s interesting head over to my other blog – Cincinnati’s Philly Historian.

Bite one: Honduras – I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Honduras on a student exchange nearly twenty years and have long had a place in my heart for that country. It has been heart-wrenching to see the problems they’ve had to confront over the last decade continue to fester – first Mitch and now the Zelaya crap. From my perspective, the failure of our current administration to support the Honduran people and stand up to Chavez and his cronies is one of the singular betrayals of American values that has occurred over the last couple decades, up there with the more extreme responses to 9/11. This attitude toward our neighbors is one of the key reasons I couldn’t buy into the hopey-change change and why I’m relieved more everyday that Kerry is still in the Senate.

Bite two: The Reds – The season ends today, which is sad. I’m actually not upset with their record. My hope for the season was that they would hang around .500, but I also hoped they would avoid a swoon that cause me to lose interest again. Unfortunately mid-June through early-August was really ugly and I stopped paying attention. I think this team has some potential for next year if they can unload a contract or two and have the kids mature another year. I’d be happy with a solid second place next year.

Bite three: Polanski – Dirty old men don’t deserve the kind of defense this guy is getting. It was the ’70s is not an excuse.

Bite four: Rail in Ohio – We gotta get it done. It won’t solve all of Ohio’s problems, but I do think it can better tie the state together than I-71 does at the moment and it gives folks a serious alternative to driving. I’d also expect that investment in rail would drive eventual further investment in higher quality local mass transit as people find its value grows with a more complete system. Nein on Nine, Cincinnati. Fundamentally this is about connecting Columbus to the national passenger rail system and if that is going to happen then it needs to be connected to the north and south and thus 3C. I truly don’t understand the right wing opposition to rail based passenger transit. It is so much more pleasant to use than road based systems and it provides the potential for new nodes of growth which clearly Ohio needs. Don’t be stupid, support rail transit.

Bite five: The Crew – I’m annoyed they lost last night. It’s sounds like it was a game they should have at least drawn. I’ve really enjoyed becoming a bigger fan of them over the last couple years and its been a great excuse to cook good food for good friends that I wouldn’t get a chance to see otherwise.

Alright, I think that is a decent start. Maybe I’ll try to write here in the morning instead of my usual routine and see if that gets the finishing the dissertation juices flowing. As always, ad maiorem dei gloriam.


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