May Flowers

Oh my!  The good writing blog turned a year old and I didn’t even notice it.

Some of the writing here did get the juices going so the dissertation could get finished.

Since I don’t know what is next, I’m not sure where this blog is headed next. I’ve got a hankering to get back into the Catholic Telegraph and American Israelite copies that are taking up space on my shelves. I may digitize some of that and actually do a little public history-ing. Somewhere in me is still the political theorist that went into hibernation 10 years ago. So perhaps, I’ll head back in that direction. I definitely will only do posts that are at least 250 words here.

This is a picture taken this spring at Inniswood Park in Westerville. When I take pictures there are rarely people in them. In fact, I go out of my way to avoid people showing up in my pictures. I’ve always wanted my writing to come alive with the visceral stories of real people. It rarely happens. I write most often at a distance from individual experience.

This picture was taken a few days ago in downtown Columbus near the Southern Theater. I was headed to an Eighth Blackbird concert. A homeless man was setting up his sleeping bag for the night below the lower left hand corner of the picture.

It was a cold and snowy. It has now become a warm and wet year in the Valleys of the Beautiful River.

Good night!


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