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Lent 2012

What brings me back here?

The same thing that has brought me back so intermittently over the last few years, I need to write. I don’t particularly enjoy writing. It is hard. More importantly, it takes practice.

Today, I went to Ash Wednesday Mass at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in downtown Columbus. Life has changed too much after the last two years. There are certainly many blessings that have come by way, but time is starting to like grasping at sand.

This won’t be a journal, because I am not a journaler. It will not be a place for formal academic thought, but I don’t often think that way anymore. It will be more considered than my twitter feed or the things I choose to note on facebook. It will be more than my tumblr.

What is my vocation? How can I live my vocation? How can I truly live up to ad majorem dei gloriam?

Columbus, Ohio

What are the stories I need to tell? What needs to be critically interrogated? Where will my voice come from? Where can I make a substantial and lasting contribution?

I once wrote a lot of stuff that was little more than brain vomit. I tried a couple times to write something more than that, but that never lasted. I was going to be an intellectual. I was going to have something to say about the way the world should be.

I am a father.

I am a husband.

I am a son and grandson.

I happen to own a house and have a job working to spread the digital humanities.

I wanted to serve God totally, but I became those things instead. I can certainly be those things and still serve God.

St. Joseph Cathedral, Broad St., Columbus, Ohio